Sunday, January 5, 2014

On our way to Church today Randall said, "I love Jesus because he is handsome" I asked him if he would still love Jesus if he was ugly and both of my boys (Jacob and Randall) exclaimed," no, no way" I asked why and Randall said, " Jesus isn't mean so he can't be ugly." So right now he doesn't have a concept of what a person looks like in regards to their physical appearance only to whether or not they are nice or mean to him and that is what makes them either beautiful, handsome, pretty or ugly. Something to think about I guess.  Makes me think about how Christ asked the people to become as a little child meek and mild.  I am also thinking of what people would think of  me if I am beautiful or Ugly based on how I have been treating them rather then how much I weigh or if I have a deformed face because I can guarantee that if someone that is not considered Beautiful by society at large spent time to talk to Randall and was nice to him, he would think they were so Beautiful and handsome, but Miss Universe could be in the room and if she was not nice he would announce, "she isn't beautiful right now."  thanks Randall for the example.

Gericke hired a local artist to make a dragon head to mount on the wall of our shop DragonSlayer Games it was huge!! and amazazing !! The trouble we went through to hang it up was crazy, for being made out of papermache' (sp) it was really took three of us to hold it up while someone else tried to bolt it into the wall.  We hope that our customers and the community look to it as something to remember the shop by and all its awesomeness.  My boys love it and talk about the battle that ensued when uncle Gericke slayed the dragon.  We help them out with that story a little bit. Maybe we should hear Gericke tell the story, I am not even sure if he knows he's the one that slayed it. :)

The boys were helping me fold clothes and David found Isaac's Cthulhu animal and started to hug it and play with it, it was very cute but and then I took a picture of him playing with the hanger because I have noticed that hangers are fascinated with them and thought it was a good way to relate to others, in my endless broken hanger dilemma, how does it happen? Well there you go, but they are so cute when they are playing with it just before they brake it.

Saying goodbye to Josh and Heidi was really hard for all of us I hope that we get to see them again in the future I know it wont be for a couple years because I think they are in china by now for his masters program. But we will always hold them in our hearts as part of our Family.
David loves his Daddy and Daddy loves his David.  I have so many pictures of those two sleeping like this and I thought it would be nice to let the world know that my husband is awesome. I am thinking that this one in particular I had been gone doing something and came home to find this precious moment.

It was probably a little early on in the year for us all to be out and enjoying the sun it was probably in the upper 50's or mid 60's outside but the sun was shining and we had been waiting all winter for the snow to melt and the sidewalks to be ready for bike riding.  to explain the pictures of the unfamiliar faces they belong to Josh and Hiedi. They stayed with us for a little while and it was one of the better experiences of the year. We learned so much from them and our boys grew rather attached to them.  I have since moved all three boys to the room that they stayed in to get ready for the new baby coming this April ( a whole year later) but they still call it "Josh and Heidi's" room every once in a while. Good times!

David's Easter egg Hunt, we hadn't planned one but our neighbors we having one in the yard and we just happened to be outside and they said our boys could join in for the fun. I think they all had a good time. That was really nice of our neighbors to let then look for some eggs too.