Sunday, January 5, 2014

On our way to Church today Randall said, "I love Jesus because he is handsome" I asked him if he would still love Jesus if he was ugly and both of my boys (Jacob and Randall) exclaimed," no, no way" I asked why and Randall said, " Jesus isn't mean so he can't be ugly." So right now he doesn't have a concept of what a person looks like in regards to their physical appearance only to whether or not they are nice or mean to him and that is what makes them either beautiful, handsome, pretty or ugly. Something to think about I guess.  Makes me think about how Christ asked the people to become as a little child meek and mild.  I am also thinking of what people would think of  me if I am beautiful or Ugly based on how I have been treating them rather then how much I weigh or if I have a deformed face because I can guarantee that if someone that is not considered Beautiful by society at large spent time to talk to Randall and was nice to him, he would think they were so Beautiful and handsome, but Miss Universe could be in the room and if she was not nice he would announce, "she isn't beautiful right now."  thanks Randall for the example.

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